Clear Aligners: Smile Direct VS Invisalign

We know that you have always dreamed of straightening your teeth to achieve that perfect smile! In the past, this would mean starting the process of metal braces. Now you are not constrained to traditional metal braces, but can choose to get discreet clear trays to straighten your teeth and achieve long lasting results. Choosing between clear aligner treatment options can be tricky, but at Land Orthodontics we have worked together to provide you with the information below to help you decide between Invisalign and Smile Direct confidently. 

The main difference between these two popular treatment methods is that Smile Direct is strictly virtual communication throughout the entire process. You get everything you need without ever coming into the dentist for an appointment. The process begins with a smile assessment online, a teeth scan at a local SmileShop, a remote dental review, and finally you will receive your aligners shipped to you in the mail.  Smile Direct is mostly used for basic treatment of teeth alignment. Since you do not have an orthodontic professional you can consult with, smile direct is not capable of treating major teeth alignment issues. Although this virtual option seems more convenient and the price may be more appealing, the dental expertise you receive when compared to Invisalign is minimal. A general dentist can become qualified to prescribe Smile Direct after only three weeks of training. 

Invisalign starts with a face-to-face assessment with your dentist at Land Orthodontics. Your orthodontist will be made aware of any concerns you have and can better adjust your treatment plan based on those specific needs. These trained experts are available to guide you throughout your entire Invisalign process, making it easy to adjust the treatment when needed. Invisalign can handle complex issues with your teeth as well, including gaps, overbites, underbites, spacing, over-crowding and crossbites. With the professional expertise you are receiving with Invisalign, it is more expensive than Smile Direct. However, having direct access to your dentist lets you go in for checkups every few weeks to ensure your teeth are aligning the way they should be, getting you the results you are hoping for right the first time. 

If you are looking for the best option that will fix your smile for the long term, Invisalign offers the best solution for you. Smile Direct offers a cheaper solution, but is not reliable to give you the results you desire.  Having our orthodontists available to check your alignment process can give you the confidence that your dream smile is achievable!